Saturday, 28 March 2015

Paloma Faith

What a night! 

   The support band, US blues rockers, Vintage Trouble were led by frontman Ty Tyler. The band were strutting the blues with every sweaty note. The audience were on their feet, hands in the air and heads rocking to music. pure brilliant entertainers!
Paloma was truly amazing! 
   Even with nine musicians and backing dancers - two homemade in Birmingham - the queen of retro glamour doesn't get lost on the huge black and white stage that is set up like a classy 1920s  jazz club. She kicked the crowd off into a frenzy with fast-paced hits like 'Picking Up The Pieces' and soon had everyone dancing precariously around their seats.
  Paloma spoke very passionate on voting, Immigration, NHS .. 
I was raised to be politically aware. As a child, still in my pushchair, I was taken on every anti-Thatcher march going, practically every weekend. And my mum is a staunch feminist who brought me up with the confidence to have a voice, to believe it could count, unlike what’s going on in society now, with people thinking their voice is insignificant, so they don’t do anything. I was with a journalist the other day and he said: “Do you think you’ve become more political?” I said: “No, I was biding my time until my voice would be heard. "
   Paloma faith is even more loveable live. Her voice is truly amazing.and mixed. The atmosphere was fantastic, the set and the costumes as you would expect from Paloma. What came across even more was what a lovely lady she is, grounded, funny, opinionated, sincere and very witty...unforgettable night. 

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